31 Agustus 2010

Situation Report: Sinabung's Volcanic Eruption

1. Introduction
a.Country: Indonesia
b.Sitrep #: Sitrep #1
c.Report Period: 30th August 2010
d.Data Source: Field Team Reports, Government Main Post and Media.
e.Reported by: Cordia Caritas Medan

2. Overview
a. Background

Mount Sinabung located in the District of Karo, North Sumatera erupted early in the morning at 00,15 on Sunday 29th August 2010 (source: PVMBG). Previously, Mount Sinabung, 2.460 above sea level, has shown some activities by producing black smoke and thin ash on Friday night 27th August 2010. And since then, the villagers who lived in the villages nearby have started to evacuate themselves to Berastagi and Kabanjahe, in the fear of the mount eruption.

However, the information released by Pusat Vulkanologi dan Mitigasi Bencana Geologi (PVMBG) stated that the smoke and the ash produced by the volcano was not the signs of volcanic activities and that the situation was secure. This information caused the officials of the District of Karo suggested the refugees to return to their homes. Many of the refugees were going back home in the morning of 28 August 2010, although the mount continued to spew ash clouds. Somehow, in the late night of 28 August 2010, Mount Sinabung showed more activities, and soon after the midnight, the mount erupted.

According to Fr. Cesarius Pr. (the priest of Kabanjahe Parish) that Cordia assessment team met in the evening of 29th August 2010, before the eruption, there was a 5 minutes small scale of earthquake followed by thunder and rumbling sounds. The eruption produced lava and its flow can be seen clearly from Kabanjahe that located around 20 km from the mountain.

Hearing the rumbling, the villagers who had returned to their homes, got panic and decided to evacuate themselves back in rush. They left the village in unprepared condition. They escaped to Berastagi and Kabanjahe, and stayed in Jambur-Jambur (meeting hall of Karonesse). These Jambur are open building with limited facilities such as public kitchen (fireplace and equipments) and few toilets.

From the rapid assessment conducted by Cordia team who directly observed the location (Lau Kawar area, in the foothills of Mount Sinabung) almost all of the villagers from 14 villages in two sub-districts (Namanteran and Simpang Empat) affected by the eruption have been evacuated. The situation was found very quiet, only few men (villagers) stayed supported by some police officers to keep their villages secured from thieves. Ash from the volcanic eruption was everywhere, covering the streets and plants, even the water sources in radius of 12 km around the volcano. The government has declared that the following 12 villages located within the radius of 6 km around the volcano as Alert 1 (Stand by for eruption): Sigarang-garang, Sukanalu Teran, Bekerah, Simacem, Gamber, Suka Meriah, Kuta Rakyat, Kuta Gugung, Naman, Kutambelin, Kebayaken and Guru Kinayan.

b. Affected Population

Latest data from the government main post:
Died: 1 person
Refugees: 18.987 persons

Refugees’ Composition Place:

Posts Total Coordinator
1. Jambur Lige : 4737 persons Kadis Pertanian-081361584951
2. Jambur Adil Makmur : 2105 persons Matius - 081362000848
3. Jambur Tuah Lopati : 1000 persons Sekwan - 08196025024
4. Jambur Sempakata : 505 persons Kaban BPMPD - 08156207515
5. Jambur Dalihan Natolu : 1000 persons Kakan Perizinan -081361491248
6. Jambur Ta Ras Berastagi : 1367 persons Camat Berastagi-081376281259
7. Klasis Kabanjahe (GBKP) : 400 persons Kadis PU
8. DepAg : 200 persons Kadis PU
9. Jambur Pulungen : 750 persons Dispora - 081534992909
10. Losd Pekan Buah Tiga Binanga : 1813 persons Camat Tiga Binanga-081370577664
11. Gedung KNPI : 460 persons Osaka Ginting - 081370108666
12. Losd Singgamanik : 2000 persons Camat Munte - 081973494339
13. Losd Perbesi : 500 persons Camat Tiga Binanga – 081370577664
14. Losd Tanjung Pulo : 650 persons Camat Tiga Nderket – 08126586692
15. Losd Siabang Abang : 500 persons Camat Kutabuluh – 081375240052
16. Losd Kutabuluh : 1000 persons Camat Kutabuluh – 081375240052

Total 18.987 persons

c. Governments Response

The government of North Sumatera Province coordinated with local district government of Karo and local people have prepared evacuation areas and posts for the refugees, in Jambur-Jambur as mentioned above.

So far, the government has provided limited food, maskers, blankets and medical service for the refugees. From the observation of Cordia team, there are some governments institutions such as National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB), Provincial Agency for Disaster Management (BPBD), Social Department (Dinas Sosial), Health Department (Dinas Kesehatan), National Agency for Search and Rescue (BASARNAS), Indonesian Red Cross (PMI), Indonesian National Army (TNI) and Indonesian National Police (POLRI) get involved in the response under the coordination of the Regent of Karo.

d. Urgent Needs

From the team observation identified some urgent needs such:
1. Food
2. Food for the babies
3. Mineral water
4. Maskers
5. Blankets
6. Sarongs
7. Mats
8. Medical Service.
9. Sanitations and garbage bins

e. Cordia Caritas Medan’s Response

On 29th August 2010, Cordia team has conducted rapid assessment to collect primary and secondary data for the next action.

f. Coordination

During the rapid assessment in evacuation area, Cordia Team has coordinated in data collection of affected population and urgent needs with the government main post, Parish Priests of Kabanjahe, PSE KAM and Caritas Network.

g. Contact Persons:

The Caritas Organization of the Archdiocese of Medan