07 Oktober 2010

Situation Report Flash Flood On Wandoma Bay District, West Papua Province

I. Introduction
Country: Indonesia
Place of Incident: Wondama Bay District, West Papua Province
Disaster Type: Flood
Reporting Date: October 6, 2010
Compiled by: Dian Lestariningsih
Source: BNPB, Diocese of Jayapura and Media

II. Background
Flash floods occur on Monday, around 08:30 CEST on October 4, 2010 Wondama Bay District, West Papua Province. Flash flood is a result of heavy rain continuously for 6 hours since Sunday (3 / 10) night that resulted in Dusner River and River overflowed and flooded Wondama almost all Wondama Bay District.

Relentless rain from Sunday through early Monday, causing rivers that disgorge Wondiwoy Mountains are overflowing. In addition to water and mud, bring flash floods and rocks and logs the following roots. As a result, the houses of residents in the left edge of the river destroyed the water washed away.

1. Area Affected
Flood hit eight villages, namely Kampung Wasior I and II, Kampung Rado, Mom Kampung, Kampung Maniwak, Manggurai Kampung, Kampung Kampung Wondamawi and Wondiboy.Wasior destroyed the capital district, and to this day of community activities totally paralyzed.

Wasior situation throughout Tuesday night was dark because electricity installations were badly damaged and power outages.Lighting in the post just rely on kerosene lamps. The roads are also impassable at some point the vehicle because there are heaps of rock, and adult waist-high mud. Communication network is also disconnected.

Wasior airfield does not work, it was reported until Tuesday night (5 / 10) runway flooded waist-high adults.

2. Affected Population

The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) informed until Tuesday (4 / 10) recorded 56 people dead, 60 people were injured, 52 of them have been evacuated to Nabire, 7 people were evacuated to Manokwari and 1 other person was evacuated out of Papua. Meanwhile, seven people were reported missing.In addition to casualties, the disaster also caused material losses.Data collected by the damage that has recorded 31 houses washed away, 2 schools were severely damaged, 1 heavily damaged the hospital, a mosque was heavily damaged, 1 heavily damaged hotels and 4 bridge silted.Most people displaced in the Gulf of Regents Office Wondama and three other locations in the Village Manggurai. Most of the displaced people while the nearby districts.

III. Needs

1. Drugs
2. Clothing
3. Food for infants and children
4. Food and Beverage
5. Blankets
6. Tent
7. Soup kitchen

IV. Emergency Response

1. Goverment Response

There is no road from Manokwari, West Papua's provincial capital, to the Bay County Wondama. To reach isolated areas in the "head bird" Papua, the seas have to travel about 10 hours from Manokwari to ride fleet or naval patrol ships carrying logs fro Wondama-Manokwari Bay.

BNPB been handed over ready-made fund of Rp. 200 million to the Governor of West Papua, and this morning, Wednesday (6 / 10) was dispatched at 6:03 logistical assistance weighing 10.5 tons, with details in the form of tents platoon 3 units, 80 units of family tents, tents, rolls of 200 pieces, velbed 60 units , clothing 500 package, kidsware 150 package, 150 package family kits, blankets 100 sheets, 100 sheets and mats ready meals package 2250.Value of logistic assistance is estimated at Rp. 900 million. In addition to logistical support, also delivered medical aid weighing 2.5 tons and a medical team of 7 people from the Ministry of Health. The assistance was transported by plane boeing 737.BPBD province with the element of public works, military and police have been to the location of the disaster using the Navy ship KRI Kalakay and carry equipment and cleaning mud evacuation.

2. Karina (Caritas Indonesia) Response

a. 7 October 2010

Karina still coordinating with the network Karina Diocese of Manokwari-Sorong in with Fr. M. Puji Harsono. From the testimony of Fr. Harsono, transportation to reach the current location can only use the ship or air lines about 5 hours to reach to nearest location, St. Augustine, Manokwari. However, the travel time of the ship could reach the 90-10 hour trip not to mention currently hampered by bad weather. While Fr. Lian from the Diocese of Jayapura periodically provide the latest developments in the situation.

b. 9 October 2010

Karina KWI Team (Caritas Indonesia), Vivin and Dian arrived in Manokwari on October 8, 2010 at 14.30 pm. They coordinate with Rm. M. Puji Harsono Pr, Parish Council of St. Augustine, Manokwari, young people and all people at night. Rm. M. Puji Harsono and Parish Team has made a good working mechanism, in collaboration with the RRI broadcast to collect aid and specific Mass intentions through a collection of the 2nd during the emergency response.

On October 9, Vivin move into Wasior arrived at 08.00 pm with Parish Team coordinate with BPBD Province, Main Post at the Governor's Office plan to aid delivery of Karina and its network. Coordination is necessary because the situation has not yet recovered Wasior (lack of clean water, food and electricity).

Yesterday, in coordination with Indonesian Humanitarian Forum and Disaster Community Care of West Papua in the Parish of St. Augustine, the data obtained from BPBD Manokwari Province: 95 people died, 87 people were seriously injured, 1095 people were lightly injured, 76 in the search. At Friday night, refugees in the field Korem Manokwari about 2,000 people, following the arrival of two ships from Wasior (previously only 859 refugees). They consist of about 1,000 people who live in makeshift tents in the field. Among them were 69 children (0-12 months), 150 children (1-10 years), pregnant women and elderly.

Based on data Wasior Disaster Management Unit yesterday, there were 124 deaths were found, 123 people missing, 181 people were seriously injured and 2,000 slightly injured. Patients were seriously injured and can not be handled in Wasior referred to Manokwari. The refugees in Manokwari about 1.859 people, Nabire about 223 people and Wondama about 2.283 people. (source: Karina KWI and Kompas.com)

V. Contact Person

- Fr. M. Puji Harsono (Parish Priest of St. Agustinus, Manokwari): 081344720779